Find your hair type …cure your hair!

Find your Hair Type… Cure your Hair!

You will discover after reading this, that hair types have nothing to do with whether your hair is thick or thin.  Your  Hair Type  is described in terms of the thickness of each strand.  Human hair thickness is measured in terms of microns which range between 40-120 microns.  It is also possible for people to have more than one texture on their head at the same time. These people need to identify the most dominate texture.  Knowing your hair type can determine whether you have bad or good hair.  Not knowing what products to use to tame your mane and cause even more damage when caring for your hair.

The three hair types: Fine, Medium, and Coarse.

Fine Hair.

  1. Maintains shine
  2. Soft
  3. Lifeless
  4. Very Flat

Fine hair has a diameter of about 50 microns. Fine hair will maintain the most natural shine; when hair is healthy, because it reflects light the most.

*Most Blondes will have naturally fine hair because blonde is the thinnest hair type

Fine Hair can.

  1. Be Hard to style
  2. Lack Volume
  3. Trouble holding style

Tips for fine hair.

  1. Try very subtle short layer.
  2. Avoid very long hair cut at one length.
  3. Streaks are a great idea for fine hair because again it will give the illusion of depth therefore adding volume.
  4. A more blunt cut will create the illusion of thicker hair.

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New Hair Ideas for 2011

Medium Hair.

  1. More Voluminous than fine hair
  2. Holds styles
  3. More manageable

Majority of people have medium hair type. The diameter of each strand is usually between 60-90 microns.

Medium hair has lots of body and usually holds any type of hair style well.  Medium hair is regularly considered as normal hair.  It has the most styling flexibility of the three hair types.  So if you have medium hair type consider yourself  lucky.

Course Hair.

  1. Very Strong
  2. Wiry
  3. Tough

Coarse hair is very strong and has a diameter of 100 microns and above.

This hair type is often dry and brittle, conditioning often can keep it under control.

Course hair is.

  1. Harder to manage
  2. Can be resistant to styling
  3. Can become frizzy

Tips for Coarse Hair.

  1. Wear it long so the weight of the hair keeps it down.
  2. Get a layered cut to loose some the bulkiness at the ends.
  3. Stay away from a blunt cut.
  4. Condition often to reduce frizz and keep the hair soft.

Thick and Thin Hair Type.

Whether your hair is thin or thick depends on the number of hairs on your head not on the thickness of each hair strand.

The average head has between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs, and normal daily shedding is around 50-100 hairs.

People with thick hair have about 150,000 strands on their heads.

People with thin hair have about 90,000 strands on their heads.

Three Ways To Find your Hair Type:

First way:

How long does it take for your hair to dry naturally?

– If your hair is fine or thin it should take less than an hour to dry your hair.

– If  your hair is thick  it takes more than an hour to dry.

Second way:

Pull out a single hair and Put it against a piece of white paper.

– Fine hair is very hard to see and not easily felt between the fingers.

– Medium hair is easily seen against the white paper, but it will not feel wiry between the fingers.

Coarse hair will be very visible against the white paper. It will also feel quite wiry between the fingers.

Third way:

Make a ponytail.

Put your thumb and forefinger around it to make a circle.

– Your hair is thin if the circle is dime-sized or less.

– Your hair is thick if the circle is quarter-sized or more.

–  Anything in-between is medium thickness or average.

There’s not much you can do about the structure of your hair. If you are not happy with the type of your hair you can’t change it but you can influence it.

  • Both fine and medium textured hair can  be manipulated by adding color for more depth.
  • They both get increased  power from setting lotions, mousses, serums and hair sprays.
  • Coarse hair can be calmed down by adding rich conditioners, deep conditions and styling gel.

Good hair days can become the rule rather the exception to the rule, when you get to know your hair. The easiest way for you and your hair to get along is to work together.

Before & After- Micro-bead Remy Human Hair Extensions

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Qlassy Hair Extensions – 100% Indian Remy Human Hair Extensions

All hair types, colors and styles.  Micro bead extensions with loop technology. Easy to Apply and Remove. Lowest pricing available.

Use Any hot tool, chemical dyes or perms. Wash, Condition and Care for like your natural hair! Lasts up to 4-6 months!!  One Application every 4-6 months!!

Hair Growth After Using Micro-bead Extensions!

Safest Longest Lasting and Most Effective Technique.

Real Growth After using micro-bead extensions from

Micro-bead extension methods helps by:

  • Extending the length of the hair in the most natural way.
  • Creating versatility when washing, conditioning, and styling the hair as a unit.
  • Promoting healthy hair growth by protecting your natural hair (remy hair surrounds the natural hair to create a barrier when styling and using hot tools)

Last longer than any other method of weaving, between 4-6 months depending on growth pattern.

Links are applied at the root.

Whether you have breakage or split ends will not matter when using micro-bead extensions.

– Why? Our roots are the strongest parts of our hair, whether we perm, straighten or chemically process our hair.  The reason we still have hair on your heads is because of the strength in our roots.

Also your root is an indication of the way our hair will flow out of the head.  So if you hair has some height or lays flat on the head, basically your roots tell your hair how to react.

Placing micro-beads extensions close to the scalp will help them to adapt and conform to your pattern and hair flow.

This is harder to achieve with other hair extension methods such as weaving or glue application. There is very little versatility when it comes to these methods.  Washing, conditioning and styling in ponytails or updos can be hard task and can something loosen the bonds of other hair extensions techniques.

Creating length and fullness without stress or damage.

Micro-beads are very tiny and each strand of hair weighs approx. .05grams

.05 g = 0.001763 oz = 0.0001101875 Pounds <—- Ultra-feather weight comfort.

Creating stress or traction on the hair will cause breakage and ultimately damage to the scalp and hair follicles.  These stresses include: Continuous tight braiding, tight ponytails, chemically processing hair after removing tight braids, cornrows or weaving

Experience Real Growth.

Micro-bead extensions are very versatile and can be treated like your natural hair.  Washing, conditioning, and caring for your hair and scalp is a must when it comes to hair growth. You will be able to achieve growth with micro-bead extensions because they do not restrict your lifestyle and you can continue you normal hair regime as needed.

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There are 3 easy steps to attaching beads.

1. Slide the bead onto the natural hair.

2. Insert the hair extension tip into the bead.

3. Clamp the bead shut to secure its placement.



Qlassy Hair Extensions – 100% Indian Remy Human Hair Extensions

All hair types, colors and styles.  Micro bead extensions with loop technology. Easy to Apply and Remove. Lowest pricing available.

Use Any hot tool, chemical dyes or perms. Wash, Condition and Care for like your normal hair! Lasts up to 4-6 months!!

Shampoo for your Hair Extensions — Be free. Sulfate free!

Attention: Check the Labels: The only type of shampoo  you should ever use:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-FREE
also written

Paying close attention to labels is very important when comes to keeping your hair healthy. So here’s the scoop!  Sulfate-Free shampoos will keep your hair stronger, healthier and won’t chemically strip your precious locks!  The fact is that many of our frequently used products contain chemical ingredients that can damage our hair.  This also leads to moisture loss and can cause color treated hair – like hair extensions (which may be color treated)- to fade and loose color quickly.

The Sulfates:

Sodium lauryl and Laureth sulfate (SLS) are cleansing agents used in shampoos, toothpaste, and many other cleansing products. These chemicals are widely known as the “foaming agent“, the effect that you get when washing  and lathering your hair.  Even though the amount of sulfates used can be very low, these cleansing agents can also irritate the scalp, dehydrate you hair, and promote thinning of the hair; and in many instances hair loss.  Foam or bubbles have absolutely nothing to do with ridding the hair of dirt, this is just the chemical agent reacting with the air and not with dirt or oil in the hair.  So, say bye-bye to these shampoos that do not particularly cater your beautiful locks!

Here are a few Sulfate-Free shampoos the leave your hair moisturized, shiny and healthy!

EverStrong Shampoo Hydrate Size: 8.5 oz

EverStrong Shampoo Hydrate Size: 8.5 oz

Chi Ionic Color Protection System Sulfate Free

Chi Ionic Color Protection System Sulfate Free Shampoo

Bed Head Shampoo Foxy Curls Curl Shampoo 8.45 oz

Bed Head Shampoo Foxy Curls Curl Shampoo 8.45 oz

L’Oreal EverSleek Repairative Smoothing Shampoo, 8.5 fl oz

L'Oreal EverSleek Repairative Smoothing Shampoo, 8.5 fl oz